Final excerpt from my new book! — 12 Comments

  1. WOW, that is not what I was expecting. I love the twist. You always manage to keep the romance going so we don’t have to keep waiting pages and pages for a payoff but keep the angst. BRAVO!!!

  2. That was really good and unexpected. I am curious to see how you get our couple to their happily ever after. Looking forward to buying the finished product!

  3. My heart is pumping so fast I just want to read the whole book already!!! I LOVE the plot twist! You are doing an amazing job! All I can say is hurry and finish it/ release it. I desperately need to find out what happens next.

  4. This hasn’t changed in so long! I am anxious to hear of the progress you are making so I know how long I have to wait to read it.


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