Mr. Darcy’s Enchantment, Chapter 4 — 14 Comments

  1. Oh no! I hope Elizabeth realises that Darcy didn’t betray her and is in fact on her side. Lord Matlock should apologise to her and tread carefully I think.
    I’m really enjoying this story Abigail and look forward to Elizabeth and Darcy both accepting their feelings for each other.

  2. Oh goodness! What is up with Lord Matlock? I hope Darcy will go after Lizzy and Pepper, but that may not be possible. Monday and then the 29th of Nov. I can hardly wait. These little cliffies drive me bonkers!

  3. Oh wow!! Seriously Colonel you should have known better! While you may know he would never hurt a woman Elizabeth does not so of course most women with magic would be scared witless of your father!!! That Elizabeth kept her head was impressive. Love Darcy and Pepper getting along before Lord Matlock showed up. So looking forward to this one! I have time off at the beginning of December and I know some of that time will be spent devouring this one!

  4. Oh my goodness, this is so fun to read. I kept hoping this 4th chapter would just keep going. Monday can’t come soon enough and the 27th as well.
    I’m fully captivated and and can’t wait to know more about how everything will unfold.

  5. Wonderful chapter. At the moment, it appears that Darcy and the Colonel have been under a mistaken impression about the Earl. Looking forward to reading the whole book on Tuesday to see if Darcy’s uncle is a friend or enemy.

  6. Oh dear. What a mess! I loved Pepper’s extraordinary powers and her acceptance of Darcy.
    Was it Wickham who made it appear that Darcy misused his power and almost led to his being bespelled? And what did Anne do that her uncle bound her with that spell? Poor Elizabeth, I do hope Lord Matlock can really be trusted. I look forward to the last post!

    • It gradually came clear to me while writing this book that Pepper was perhaps the most insightful character in it. She has Darcy pegged from the beginning. Wickham does have a role to play in Darcy’s troubles, but he isn’t alone, and there are more surprises in store about him. 🙂

  7. Oh good grief. I’m not reading any more excerpts and I wish I hadn’t read this one. The torture is too much. I’m just going to wait for the book. I’m loving it so far though. It’s going to be great, I just know it.

    • Sorry, I didn’t mean to torture you! At least not yet. Later in the story, maybe… Just kidding. Just so you know, the chapter numbers in the book don’t match up to the chapter numbers I’m posting here, so in the book, this post gets you part way into Chapter 3 in the book.

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