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  1. Of course he had to turn up! What a louse! What on Earth was Drew thinking? He obviously wasn’t going to fight Wickham so how did he think he could stop him? He should have just told the innkeeper!
    I should have waited until tomorrow morning to read this so I would have had all day to calm down, instead I’m going to bed thinking of how much I hate Wickham!
    Congratulations to all the winners. I don’t have audiobooks myself but there again I only suggested one of the options and not something new! Well done Joy! (Although I did prefer one of your others 😉😉😂🤣😂)

    • I think our saintly Drew rather enjoys demonstrating his ability to turn the other cheek! I do try to keep Wickham to a minimum in my books, and fortunately he’ll disappear from the scene after he makes his mischief.

      I didn’t get my top choice for title, either. I loved Uncharted, which brings out some important themes, but my focus group nixed it completely as hard to market. A couple of others didn’t pass the sensitivity reader, who no doubt thinks I’m not very sensitive now! But I’m happy with this one.

  2. Oh my goodness… Why wouldn’t Andrew find someone to go with him. What made him think that Wickham would listen to him. He’s a beast. Of course Wickham will make more trouble. That’s his middle name…lol

  3. Oh, I hope a compromise won’t come from Andrew’s cleaning himself up in a room with Lizzy, whose buttons are not all done up!
    I suggested titles on Facebook and somewhere else (maybe Austen Variation), but I don’t do audiobooks (they put me to sleep). Thanks for the offer, though.

  4. Ooooh, I do love an intrigue. 😉 Why do I feel like Miss Elizabeth is being played with by two mischievous wolves??

    And I love the title! Facebook is where I saw your post. Do you have any codes left for “A Matter of Honor”?

  5. Thank you – commented on Facebook. Definitely going to need a hug after reading this book. Either A Matter of Honor or Alone with Mr. Darcy. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us all. Glad you were able to find a great title for your upcoming book.

  6. I need this book YESTERDAY!! It’s stressing me out. I’m sure it will all end happily for Lizzie and Darcy (Fitzwilliam), but I’m still on edge lol.

    I suggested a title on fb, would love an audiobook of A Matter of Honour (#1), if not, literally anything else lol.

  7. How did Wickham get there? I sometimes wonder how he could afford traveling. But when there is no money he will surely find a way. Maybe Lydia is save now he is not in Brighton?😉
    Glad you find your title. Can imagine it was not an easy choice. I made a few suggestions in fb and here but I have all your books and audio books except for By Force of Instinct. If you have a code of this title left I would appreciate it to sweeten my waiting time for your new book😊

      • Thank you very much, Abigail. I’m sure I will enjoy it. But I followed the instructions and audible said the promotion hasn’t started yet. I’ll try again tomorrow.

  8. Dear Abigail, thanks for the new chapter! I did suggest a title on October 12th on Pemberley variations (although it was not quite brilliant) so I’d love to have the opportunity to get an audio book! One of my favourite is “M. Darcy ‘s noble connections”. Thank you so much!

    • Oh my god I love it! And I can’t wait for the book to come out. I usually buy e-books from Kobo. Do you think it will be release on kobo at the same time? If not then where can I find them first? (Soft copy)

      • Thanks! The e-book will be Amazon-exclusive initially, I’m sorry to say. The paperback will be available on all sellers, but from experience, it usually shows up on Amazon a month or two sooner than other places. Thanks for your support!

  9. Goodness, this chapter gives me hope that Lizzy isn’t in love with the other brother, but is a compromised situation. Wickham in Lambton, brilliant!

    I left a suggestion on Facebook and would enjoy an audio book. How generous!!

    Mr Bennets Dutiful Daughter and Miss Darcy’s Companion are a few favorites.

    • Wickham is always there when something inexplicable happens, isn’t he? Both the books you mentioned are by Joana Starnes (and great ones!), but if you’ll choose one of mine, I’ll be happy to send you the audiobook. Thanks!

      • i get my top ten JAFF authors mixed up all the time. read too many too fast. so sorry. i get you and joanna mixed up especially since you were both so fun in June on the authors fest. Your work, “Alone with Mr Darcy” was one of the first JAFF’s i bought in book form so that would be fun as i start adding audio JAFF to my kindle collections. but really, it was just great fun to be part of your all’s work in naming a future read. blessings, peace, and joy!!

  10. What a scene! How Wickham’s character is exposed by beating on a pacifist!
    I would love a code in exchange for my title suggestion. Nothing better than an audiobook to entertain me while my eyes heal from surgery!

    • Yes, Wickham really doesn’t look good here, does he? Can you give me a couple of titles you might like in audio? The codes are only good for the particular titles. Good luck with your eye surgery!

  11. Wickham gets under my skin. Hmmmm… so a compromise is about to happen. Love all your works. Can’t wait for this to be completed. I suggested on your blog. I love, A Matter of Honor, Conceit & Concealment …any of your books would be great. I have re-read several.

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