Once disguise of every sort had been his abhorrence. Now Darcy could hardly recall when he had not worn a disguise.

Fitzwilliam Darcy is a traitor. And there is nothing Elizabeth Bennet despises more than a traitor.

But Elizabeth can’t make sense of Darcy. He openly admits to collaborating with the French after their invasion of England, but he doesn’t act like a traitor. He risks his own safety to save young women from Napoleon’s troops. And how can she despise a man who loves puppies? Something about him doesn’t add up – and she finds him far too attractive.

When Darcy’s carefully constructed world crumbles, he must entrust his closest-held secret to Elizabeth, and suddenly everything makes sense. To protect that secret, Elizabeth must disappear entirely, plunging herself into the dizzying world of fashionable London and the dangers of the Loyalist Resistance. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Darcy is determined to find Elizabeth. Now that she knows the truth about him, there’s nothing to keep them apart – nothing, that is, until the day Darcy is forced to choose between his country and the life of the woman he loves…

“Conceit & Concealment is an exhilarating tale of romance and rebellion, disguise and despair, action and angst, treachery and treason! Abigail Reynolds once again delivers an exceptionally wonderful Pride and Prejudice tale that will enthrall readers who love strong protagonists and daring adventures!” – Austenesque Reviews

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