Artist Annie Wright likes her life free of complications, especially complications of the male persuasion. She has her dream job running a gallery in Woods Hole, her volunteer work rescuing abandoned dogs, her best friend Cassie Boulton Westing, and that’s enough for her. She doesn’t like to talk about her past, especially how she became a widow after just a few years of marriage. But one day her past walks right into the Cape Light Gallery in the form of her dead husband’s best friend Jeremy, the man who left the country because it was too hard to see Annie married to someone else. If this weren’t enough, Annie finds herself in charge of an abused and distrustful pile of fur called Bear, and increasingly entangled in the complicated Westing family politics while Cassie deals with some very unexpected developments.

Morning Light is the second book of The Woods Hole Quartet, a series of interlocking novels set in the seaside village of Woods Hole.

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