Plagiarism redux + dealing with a flighty muse — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Abigail,
    Happy to hear about your participation in a program that encourages your characters talking to you more, as well as understanding your muse. Because selfishly, this will lead to more of your writing. 🙂
    This may or may not interest you, but I just stumbled on the movie Lost In Austen. What a delightful concept about time-traveling right into the story P&P, and meddling with the plot and characters to the point everyone marries the wrong person. So funny! The protagonist makes Darcy jump into a pond so she can see him wet!
    I actually feel like I am frequently Lost in Austen, to the point I’ve acquired some small antiques from the period so I could own something that existed and was used then. I guess my own sort of time-travel. Sometimes I wonder if I lived another life.

  2. Hi Abigail! I am new to your site, but I felt compelled to leave you a comment. I have recently just started diving into the Jane Austen spin offs and adaptations that I’ve seen for months at my local Barnes & Noble. I guess you could say it all started with Pride & Prejudice and Zombies. Was that just sacrilege to admit I read that?

    Anyway, I started reading your book, Impulse & Initiative and I love it. I haven’t been able to put it down and have forgone sleep (which I covet) in order to keep reading. I’m having a problem right now since I’m waiting for one of your books to arrive in the mail (stupid B&N for not having the book), and I’m trying to hold off reading until I get it in. It’s killing me! LOL

    See, Emma was always my favorite Austen heroine, and Mr. Knightley was in turn my favorite Austen man. However, thanks to you, I have fallen in love with Mr. Darcy.

    I’m a writer myself, though not yet published, and I just want you to know that I admire your work greatly.

    Thank you,


  3. Hi Abigail,

    I love your books and I think you are exceptional writer.
    I am waiting for the next Pemberley variation..
    I was hoping you would write a book on Georgiana Darcy..I think she deserves a book of her own…She was hardly noticeable in the original P&P.


  4. Thanks for the comments! I love hearing from readers.

    Rachel, one of the books on my to-be-written docket is a sequel that tells Georgiana’s love story, so you may get your wish! She’s turned into an interesting character in my head.

    Janina, glad to hear from another writer! I hope I’ll read something from you some day.

    Leslie, I’m definitely lost in Austen along with you. When I’m writing, I find myself talking in Regency style, which takes unsuspecting people quite aback!

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