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  1. You asked for theories and here are a couple of mine.

    I believe Darcy was able to keep his estate because of his family’s French ancestry. Of course, the ancestry must not be with the French aristocracy. Possibly some early “Republican” that fled France to escape the aristocracy. That would also explain why the Darcy’s never accepted an English title. Or maybe the ancestor is more recent like a mother or grandmother. The new French government believing him to be sympathetic allowed him to keep his lands. He must also pay lip service of allegiance to them as well as occasionally aid their cause. He of course is loyal to England.

    Georgiana is not mentally deficient. She and her brother are merely pretending she is so she will be spared the attentions of the French. If she does indeed have exalted French relations, she would be a popular catch with the current regime hoping to solidify their power.

    I think Jane is hiding because one of the French officers wants her for a wife or mistress.

    I think it’s pretty obvious Elizabeth is in the Resistance. She will assume Darcy is loyal to the French. Fertile ground for misunderstandings and prejudice.

    Why wasn’t Mary invited to the assembly or assemblée?

    Why aren’t they all speaking French?

    • Thanks for the great comment and theories! The D’arcy French connection is an interesting idea several readers have raised. I may try to incorporate it into the final version.

      Excellent guess on Jane, as you’ll see in the chapter I’m about to post. The French officers are speaking English because 6 years isn’t enough time for the entire population of English to learn French. The common French soldiers are less likely to speak English. Darcy often speaks in French with the officers, usually too fast for Elizabeth to understand.

      Mary – well, sadly, an invading army does not have to be polite. The officers don’t like being lectured at, so they don’t invite her.

  2. Loved the chapter! Most definitely a different yet very interesting & intriguing take on Pride & Prejudice! When is the release date?

  3. I loved the book, as usual. I don’t mean to imply you don’t deserve rest, but have you started on the next book yet? What do you have in mind for it. If only you could write them as fast as I want to read them. Thanks for all your great works.

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