Fourth Excerpt from my new book! — 4 Comments

  1. Mr. Darcy’s Enchanting Encounter as a possible title? Love, love, love the book so far! Can’t wait to read it in its entirety!

  2. This looks like it’s heading in the same direction as Mr. Darcy’s Journey i.e. a serious, melancholy historical tome and not a lighthearted romance like Pride and Prejudice. Your earlier books were a joy to read while this one is a chore. Please bring back the light hearted romances!

    • I’m sorry to hear my recent books aren’t to your taste. To me, neither book feels melancholy, but what matters is how they feel to you. My writing style has evolved over time and I have to write the story my muse tells me to write. With so many Pride & Prejudice variations being written these days, there are many that are similar in spirit to my earlier books. You might be happier with one of those.

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