Mr. Darcy’s Enchantment, Chapter 3 — 15 Comments

  1. Oh heavens! This gets better and better. At least Elizabeth knows not to fear Darcy so hopefully she will now learn to liove him as he loves her. But who put the spell on Anne and how did Lady Catherine hide her magic so well? I already have this book on my list but I look forward to more.

  2. This just keeps getting more and more intriguing!! So many questions! War?!?! What about the trees? Which trees? Who put the spell on Anne? Lady Catherine? Sir Lewis de Bourgh before he passed? What are Lady Catherine’s powers? What were Anne’s? Can the binding spell be reversed? Can’t wait to read more! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Well, what I think is that I want to read the rest of the story NOW!!! I’m going to trundle off to Amazon to place my preorder.

  4. Oh sure, I figured Darcy knew she had magic. But now that she knows of his understanding, will that change how she reacts to him? So Lady Cat has magic, interesting. But WHO put the binding spell on Anne?She must have had magic too. And what’s up with the Fay war? So fun! Looking forward to reading my pre-order.

    • Good questions, Jen! And you’ll be reading your pre-order sooner than you think. Amazon in its wisdom released the paperback early, so I moved the ebook release up a week so my ebook readers wouldn’t be left behind. It’ll be out on Tuesday!

  5. O m gosh i love it so much so far. It gets better with every word.i could see it as a movie. I read it and watched it such an incredible writing. You are such a great author.

    • Same(I’m italian), but at least I understand english, it’s only that I’d understand even more with an Italian translation

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