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  1. I’ve just started reading this and am currently re reading the beginning chapters which you posted. I do love your writing Abigail and look forward to seeing where you take ODC. Thank you so much and I wish you much success with this book. (Although my magical powers seem to be limited despite being born on Halloween). 🙂 🙂

  2. I want to tell you that I read this the day it popped up on my Kindle. I ordered it on the strength of my love of your other work, despite the magic thing, which I normally abhor. I have to say it meets your usual high standard of work and, having just seen A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Popup Globe a few weeks ago, I especially loved the Shakespeare crossover. You really established the magical kingdom well and made it believable. Congratulations on yet another great book. Can’t wait for the next one (though I’d prefer a non-magicky one).

  3. Hi Abigail. Will you be releasing this book on other platforms? I usually buy your books for Kobo and have been waiting to see if it pops up, but haven’t seen it yet. Thank you!

    • It might go on other platforms eventually, but probably not in the next year. I’ve always done wide releases for my new books, but for a book that bends genre boundaries, Amazon offers huge advantages for exclusivity. I refused to do it on principle with Conceit & Concealment, and let’s just say that my principles cost me a lot of readers and a lot of money. I don’t like Amazon monopolies, but they’ve got authors over a barrel on this one. Sorry.

      • Thanks for your reply Abigail. I’ll have to decide whether to wait or to buy the print version then. It’s definitely disappointing that companies like Amazon can do this and force authors and readers into decisions that benefit Amazon more than anyone else. I hope it makes a difference for you though.

  4. I just love this book! It’s a beautifully crafted new world, and I want more. I want to know what happens with Georgianna’s new magic, what happens with the new Darcy baby, what kind of organization replaces the Collegium, and so much more.

    Even my cat answers to “Phouka” now. I want to go back to Faerie!

    • Alyssa, you made my day, no, my week with this comment! Thank you! Those questions nag at me, too, along with this one that kept me up at night recently: What if the fertility magic causes Titania to have a child by Mr. FitzClarence == a Sidhe child who is also a great-grandson of King George? Now that’s something to think about!

      My daughter has a white cat (not odd-eyed) named Pip, and she now answers to Pepper. 😉

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