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  1. I love your work and would be honored to win this giveaway! I read this book when it first came out and I absolutely loved it. It’s not easy to merge the two worlds as seamlessly as you did. As for Aelfric…perhaps he needs his own story? Another Shakespeare mashup?

  2. So I learned something today–that Abigail Reynolds has her own blog! Where have I been? I too, read Darcy’s Enchantment when it was released. I never pass up the opportunity to read an Abigail Reynolds book–including A Matter of Honor. Phenomenal! Thank you for the chance to win the audio version of this fantastic story.

  3. Yes I too learned Abigail Reynolds has her own blog today . I have enjoyed many of the stories on my Kindle. Thank you Abigail for a chance to listen to Pepper the magical cat in an audio book

  4. Just learned there’s Abigail Reynolds audio books skweeeeeek so exciting, absolutely loved Mr. Darcy’s Enchantment took me ages to find a book version and get it to Australia (I have to have them all on my bookshelf) thank you for the opportunity to win an audio version it would be amazing.

  5. I try to restrain myself and save one of your books for when I am travelling. For my trip in November, it is Mr. Darcy’s Enchantment. I can’t wait. Of course I end up rereading some of your other titles as well, but something about a first read makes me feel more vacation-y

    I can’t wait to start listening to the audio books now too!

  6. This is such a delightful and generous offer. I enjoyed this story each time I read it and have it on my “To read again” list. I have asked my cat if she is related to Pepper, but she’s not saying. I have my suspicions, though. If she turns into a bird . . . . . well, I’ll just have to let you know. I spend much of my spare time making beaded jewelry to sell for charity and would love to have the audio version of this book to keep me company while making the easier parts. Thank you for making this offer.

  7. What an amazing book. I just picked it up and am just about finish reading it. The fairie land is so imaginative, but I can see it. Love the cat. I feel like something horrible happened to Aelfric. He is a strong character, I would like to know more about him.
    The cat is priceless, just wonderful.
    I would so love to win this audio book, but if I don’t, then to the winner I say congratulations and enjoy.

  8. I loved this book, and now I have the strong urge to reread it seeing the giveaway promo. It’s an amazing book. Thank you for the generous opportunity at winning an audio version. I also love your audio books, I have almost all of them.

    Lyme disease. Oh my gosh. My heartfelt thoughts go with you.

  9. Intrigued with this book, cause it’s your first enchantment story. I have read mostly love stories and about spies and French invasion of GB but this the first with magic and faeries. So I cannot let it pass. I also enjoyed your posting of its chapters before.

    Hope you are feeling better (recovered fully) and without any ills from the Lyme disease. Thank you for giving us these books despite the illness.

  10. I’ve read, and reread many, your stories for years, Abigail. Now I hope to listen to one. After all, aren’t fairy tales best heard?

  11. This sounds so good. I love fantasy and JA so this is a at the top of my wishlist. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the audiobook.

  12. The book was such fun to read! I am sure it will be fun to listen to as I always like to see how the reader uses their voice for a character. I know it will be a good motivator to get me walking! Thank you for the giveaway.

  13. I’m glad this book gets its time in the spotlight (again, as an audio, that is). It is such a complex delight. I do hope you are completely recovered from that nasty disease, and it is good news you are writing again and it may have a connection to this book and its wonderful magical world. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  14. This would be a very interesting spin on P&P. I would love to hear it. I love listening to Elizabeth Klett narrate. I’ve been listening to her narrations of Jane Austen’s books for years.

  15. I can wait to lisen to the audio book. I’ve read this book and almost every book you have published and the ones I haven’t read are on my TBR list. I am so happy and grateful for the opportunity to win this audio book.

  16. Another Reynolds book to add to my collection. I certainly have loved everything you have written. Admittedly haven’t read this one yet, but it is on my next book order. Certainly keep writing your stories, and thoughts Abigail.

  17. I loved reading this story. I enjoy all your stories, but I have to say this is one of my favorite P&P variations of all time! Would love to listen to it as well.

    Side note… would you consider doing a series on this? It was so imaginative and amazing to see how you incorporated the P&P characters into this alternative universe!

  18. I’m new here – found you from Elizabeth Klett’s page – I love magic and I love Jane Austen, so the two together sounds amazing! I also love Elizabeth Klett’s narration! This sounds like the perfect book for when I’m in hospital next week!

  19. I enjoy and book that can cast a spell on me and if Fitzwilliam Darcy can do it, all the better. I have read so many of Abigail Reynolds’ stories. I do not want to be Prejudice by naming my favorites, as I know Abigail is Proud of them all. I surely hope that Mr Darcy’s Enchantment will be my enchantment as well. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of your book.

  20. This is one I have not yet read. I’m not usually into magic, so I’ve read others of yours. I will put it on my list. You’ve tempted me.

  21. I read this book as soon as it was released and just loved it. (And the same applies for A Matter of Honor). I’ve never listened to an audiobook before so that would be a great experience.

  22. Congratulations on the release of the audiobook version of your novel You are especially fortunate to have Elizabeth Klett bring her unique magic to its narration. I wish you continued success!

  23. I don’t know where else to put this so I’m writing it under this post. I want…..correction need…..desperately another book like this one with the magic and the fairies. Really just anything supernatural-esque and you do such a good job of building worlds. So consider doing another…..PLEASE pretty, pretty please!!! I can wait forever. Just want to know it’s in my future somewhere.

    • You’re in luck, Andrea! I’ve already started work on another Pride & Prejudice fantasy. It’ll be a couple of years out – I have another book and a novella to finish first – but I’m really looking forward to getting back to a fantasy world! Thanks for your interest. 🙂

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