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  1. Abigail! I was just reading this section of LMitW two days ago! The world of editing confounds me, but as long as it’s getting closer to publication, I’m a happy camper.

    Any hopes for an update to Morning Light anytime soon? (pretty plz!) 😀



  2. Abigail, I read the change and wondered why the publisher would want it included unless it was believed that Darcy really would not have accepted a short vague statement of “passing phase” and wanted more of a real plausible reason.
    It still reads very well so just as long as it gets published and works, I’m glad for you.
    This is one of my favorite stories.


  3. I should have said something about why the editor requested the change. She felt that D&E should have a moment of warmth rather than more misunderstanding at that point because the readers have already suffered through so much pain and deserve a reward. Okay, so she didn’t quite say THAT, but it’s the general gist.

    As for Morning Light, it’s in my agent’s hands (this is where I need an emoticon for thumbs twiddling). I really want to get moving on that!

  4. I love this change. In Elizabeth’s answer about not eating, we get the sense that she is sparing Darcy’s feeling. Well done.
    Do you have a potential publication date for Morning Light? Can’t wait to see it!

  5. Abigail,

    Believe it or not, I was reading this story today, and I have to say that I really enjoyed the changes you’ve made to this scene. I found that it actually bothered me a little bit that Darcy and Elizabeth, after just having made such huge headway the night before with their intimacy – emotional as well as physical (even if they both believed the other’s interest was little more than that, and certainly not love) just took a few steps back at the breakfast table, especially considering that if Fergusen hadn’t interrupted them, they would have been making love once more. The original scene just seemed to end so abruptly, with Darcy rising from the table and leaving Elizabeth in order to begin his own ablutions for the day. This abruptness, however, was not something that jumped out at me the first few times I read the book – there are so many other elements that I get absorbed in with this wonderful story. I feel that this new ending is a much more natural progression, though. Elizabeth recognizes some of Darcy’s warmth and concern, but as a concern for his heir and not herself – something so many husbands were conscious of back then, some far more so than they were their wives. And as another reader mentioned above, it also shows Elizabeth consciously sparing his feelings with her answer to him with regard to why she did not care to eat. I love your resolution.


  6. I like the redone version of this scene. This particular scene stood out in my memory as one of the most painful scenes, and I couldn’t think why Elizabeth wouldn’t just tell him she was so heartsick over the thought of losing him she lost all desire to eat. This softens their exchange.
    Just got through reading another book about these 2, and it was so boring, it wasn’t Abigail! (In fairness, I probably shouldn’t disclose the title or author). Your stories have so much tension and chemistry. I wish you’d never stop writing.

  7. Abigaile, I have read all six P&P variations. I am actualy on my third or forth round. I love them that much. I can’t wait to read Bounds of Decorum. I know it will be great if you write it.


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