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  1. Putting the alternate names on the front page of your website, instead of just on the individual pages for each book would help. The website was the first place I looked, not your blog.

    I guess it’s nice to know people will buy a book just on your name though!

  2. Hi Abigail,

    I loved Pemberley by The Sea. When are you expecting to release Morning Light? I am looking forward to learning more about the Westings (and Annie)!

  3. Will there be much editing done on Without Reserve and By Force of Instinct before they are released by Sourcebooks? I haven’t read them yet and am wondering whether I should wait to buy them or simply read the self-published copy.

  4. Abigail–Thanks so much for the clarification of the titles! As part of the Everything Austen II Challenge, I’d challenged myself to figure out which of your P&P variations I’ve read and to read one I hadn’t. I, too, was confused by the title changes, so a sincere thank you to you and this post for clearing things up. How different (editing with additions and/or deletions) are the republished titles? (For example, I’d read From L to L last winter, if it’s republished, how changed will it be?) I’ll be blogging about my discoveries sooner or later. 🙂 Thanks much!

  5. So far there are no major edits planned for Without Reserve or By Force of Instinct. From Lambton to Longbourn has a new beginning and may have a couple of added scenes depending on the publication schedule (i.e. I’d like to add more but they may not let me). It’s scheduled to come out Spring 2011 under the title What Would Mr. Darcy Do?, but I’m hoping that it’ll be bumped back a bit in favor of the new Pemberley Variation I’m writing, since I’d rather do a new release than a re-release. I’ll keep you posted!

    Thanks for your interest!

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