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  1. I love your stories. I am eagerly awaiting all your new endeavors. I have read all your books except one “Pemberley by the Sea”. I’m not as much into the modern versions of things. “From Lambton to Longbourn” and “Impulse and Initiative” are two of my very favorites. I have read and reread them. The pages are crumpled which is a great compliment around here. I’ve logged onto the Austen Authors site and loved it. I tried to connect via the link there to you but it wouldn’t direct so I just typed in “Pemberley Variations” in my search instead. Congrats on all your success. Keep it coming! We love your stories.

  2. Abigail,
    Exciting news! Thanks for sharing! I have already checked the ‘new project’ and am looking forward to reading the views, thoughts, ideas of the authors there. Living in Europe I will not be able to join most of the contests, but it will be fun to watch the competition for the tempting prizes!
    It is also so good to know that you have not forgotten the ones following your story in 50 miles!
    I confess I include myself in the group of readers still confused by the changes of titles for your stories. Your last post has helped a lot, but I have to check it every now and then to know which book I already have; which I have a copy from your original posts in one of the fanfic websites and which want to buy… Just did it wrt ‘Mr Darcy’s obsession’ .
    All the success in your current and future plans.

  3. Abigail,

    I know that you must be a busy women, but I was wondering if you at any time around will be able to traslat your books in spanish. I would like to buy your books but in spanish because english is my second language.


    • Jessy, unfortunately there aren’t any plans to translate my books into Spanish. Sourcebooks holds the rights for translation and doesn’t seem interested in pursuing it, but I’m working towards keeping the translation rights for future books, as that will make it more likely. Thanks for your interest!

  4. hola:
    soy maria, desde ARICA-CHILE, un pais bien en el extremo sur de sudamerica. he leido un poco de su obra en internet, y me ha gustado mucho, pero no puedo leerlos completos por que no hablo ingles y no tengo dinero para comprarlos, mi renta es de 500 dolares mensuales y no tengo tampoco tarjeta de credito para comprarlo por internet. yo se que es demasiado favor pedirle si me podria enviar a mi correo aunque sea algunos capitulos para poder leerlos solamente. jane austin es mi gran pasion, he leido y visto todo de ella, y mi favorita aprte de orgullo y prejuicio es persuacion, gracias y disculpe.
    saludos desde chile
    una admiradora
    maria alvarado

  5. ojala que se traduzcan luegos y por las reseñas que he leido me gusta mucho la obsesion del sr. darcy ,, uf q dificil es ser de otros paises y en especial de sudamerica. gracias y disculpe por la molestia,espero su respuesta, pero si no se puede, por lo menos me quedare contenta con con que sepa que hay una fans de jane austin de muy muy lejos que le gusta su obra.maria alvarado ARICA-CHILE

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