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  1. Okay. Yes, Enchantment was a tour de force. And I didn’t think you could top Conceit & Concealment. Well both of those were very different from each other and also from previous books too. I guess I’m trying to say is that due to the setting and situations this one will be different too. So, I’m not going to compare and I’m willing to wait for however long it takes. So please relax and let your experience tackle that ornery muse when it tempts you to doubt yourself.

    Wow, this excerpt. It leaves me with tons of questions. What happened before? Is Lizzy operating under false information (as usual?) Why are they in Scotland? Why does she have a chaperone we’ve never heard of before? Why are they living in the same residence? Will Lizzy’s chaperone help him understand her? My mind is reeling. My usual, automatic thing to say would be ‘I can’t wait!’ But I just said I could wait. So instead….I’ll just say I’m so excited to read this. Truly, an Abigail Reynolds story is always worth the wait.

    P.S. Happy Mother’s Day. I hope it was beautiful for you.

    • Thank you, Michelle. It’s actually a relief to have finally said that I’m having a hard time following up on Enchantment and C&C. I appreciate your way of looking at it.

      As to your questions, I’ll just have to say wait and see to most of them. Hopefully I’ll post the opening chapters soon!

  2. I feel every word you wrote about a stubborn muse, Abigail. Sometimes, I wonder why I ever started a particular story but love the feeling once it’s complete. Press on, dear author!

    Title suggestions? Let’s see. How about:

    Wit & Whisky
    A Lad & His Lassie
    His Bonnie Lizzy
    The Responsible Rogue
    The Darcy Clan
    The Highlander/Outlander (they have a nice ring to them, don’t they?)
    Tartans & Tribulations
    The Gentleman Wore Plaid
    The Laird & His Lady
    Kilts & Kittens (my nod to Pfeffernusse who surely has a cameo)
    Bound By a Blacksmith

    Personally, I would use none of these but the idea of Darcy in a kilt (even with a broken leg) is something to ponder for a long while. Best wishes for a successful wrap up of this particular project.

    • Wow, you’re good at this titling business! I like Tartans & Tribulations in particular. Unfortunately, we don’t see Darcy in a kilt because they weren’t actually wearing them in the Highlands in 1812, despite all the novels we read. I kept trying to ignore that historical fact, but my muse doesn’t let me ignore history. I’m contemplating adding an epilogue set in 1822 solely because I’d have the excuse to stick Darcy in a kilt then. 😉

      The token animal in this book is a three-legged sheepdog named Bonnie Prince. I thought Pfeffernusse deserved a book off after how hard she had to work in Mr. Darcy’s Enchantment.

  3. I cannot suggest titles because I have not read enough to read However, this is very intriguing and definitely keeps my interest. Will Darcy try a kilt with a broken leg? Why is Lizzy in Scotland? I know there was an exerpt full of anst for Darcy back on Sept. 10th, and no one willing to say where Lizzy was. He seems to have found her with trials on the way. I gotta see more of this.

    • The great disappointment of this book is that I can’t put Darcy in a kilt because it isn’t historically accurate. They weren’t wearing them in 1812. Kilts didn’t make a comeback until 1822. Unfair to writers, that’s what I say! The reason Lizzy is in Scotland was to keep Darcy from finding her, and as you can see, that didn’t work out so well. 😉

  4. I am glad that Darcy found Lizzy in Scotland. Was it her family or Lizzy who did not want him finding her? Ah well, there is a lot to see?

    Maybe the title could tell something about A Bonnie Hidden Lassie and a Determined searching Laddie.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • I’ll tell you this much: it wasn’t Lizzy’s idea. She knew he’d take no as an answer, so she had no reason to be afraid of him. 🙂 Good idea about incorporating those ideas into the title!

  5. My best wishes for your new book!
    Personally, I have a hard time picturing you writing something that are not absolutely fabulous so muse, press on…
    Sometimes, the book is just different and that might not be a bad thing.
    I love Highland books and I am eagerly anticipating the release.

    Suggestion for a title
    The Highland Pride

  6. Please don’t be disheartened! I have loved all your books and I must admit my favourites are the first three of yours that I read – To Conquer Mr Darcy, Mr Darcy’s Refuge and By Force of Instinct.
    I’m sure everyone has their own favourites so this will be a favourite as well!
    That being said I myself can’t wait to read it. I’m rubbish at coming up with titles but I do like Joy’s suggestions (and looking at the comments on Facebook? Well Darcy McDarcyface is certainly catchy 😊🤣

  7. I can’t help you with the titles (my friends found all my stories’ titles so far) but what I can tell you is this: no story is like the previous or the next one and that is great because it shows a writer who doesn’t copy herself, a writer who risks to get outside her comfort zone. Sometimes doubts show one does a good job.
    Your book, The Last Man in the World, in particular, made me buy my first ebook years ago (and I can’t begin to describe where that led to 😛 )
    I don’t write JAFF but I read it and I always appreciate writers who treat it fairly and honestly: bringing their own creativity in the genre, experimenting and pushing the boundaries.
    I wish I could help more….

    • I’ve had so many readers ask for another book like To Conquer Mr. Darcy or like Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy: The Last Man in the World, and every time I try to oblige, I get a ferocious case of writer’s block. My muse is willing to take direction to small degree – I can get away with deciding to write another Regency rather than another modern because Regency sells better – but if I start getting down to specifics of what should be in a book, bam! The door slams in my face. So I don’t have much choice but to keep writing different things, and that does lead to doubts. And pushing boundaries. Thanks for understanding!

  8. It hadn’t occurred to me previously but I can see that the downside of having written so many wonderful books must be having the pressure of feeling the expectation of readers that the next book would be just as good or better.

    As for your title game, here are some suggestions 🙂

    Mr Darcy’s Highland Games
    Mr Darcy’s Highland Hunt
    Mr Darcy’s Highland Hopes
    Mr Darcy’s Caledonian Chase

    I’m afraid all these titles focus on Mr D, but I am guessing that it helps sales!

  9. I have loved all your books and have read many of them over again. Sometimes I just go back and read certain scenes. This has me drooling for more…please. But I will also wait. It is always well worth it with your stories. I am no good at titles. Joy certainly had a lot which sounded good. Maybe she’ll use one and write another new one for us. The questions Michelle H. wrote are all good ones. Thanks for sharing and I do hope your muse wakes up for you.

  10. I’m rubbish with titles; I’ve only had one decent title for one of my books, but the rest came about with the help of friends and critique groups.

    You have indeed outdone yourself through the world-building of the last two books and I adored them, but I’m ready for a bit more down-to-earth tale in the usual period of history without French domination or mages around every corner. I’m really looking forward to this one.

    My solution to writing frustration is to take a break from writing. Preferably, a whole week without writing. Do other things you enjoy that aren’t word-related (except for reading in a very different genre). I find that physical work is helpful such as gardening, cleaning the house from stem to stern, decluttering, etc., and you may just return to writing refreshed and reinvigorated. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best!
    Susanne 🙂

  11. Just having a clearout in my Austen Inbox (Real Life means I haven’t been able to pay much attention to it lately) and came across this notification. How intriguing is this excerpt? I’d read the earlier one where Elizabeth arrives at the Highland house so I’m wondering how Darcy (a) finds her and (b) ends up with a broken leg. I guess the two are linked!

    I’m not much good at suggesting book titles but how about Hopes and Highlands? It’s all I can come up with, I’m afraid.

    Like many others, Conceit and Concealment is my favourite so far of your books, though I’ve yet to read Mr. Darcy’s Enchantment. However, I’ve just spent part of a gift card I won recently on it, so it’ll be next up on my reading list.

  12. Dear Ms Réuni les, I’ve read all your books, and most of them repeatedly! I really enjoyed the excerpts: I was hooked from the start! May I suggest “Gone in the Highlands” as a title?

  13. A title? Ohmmmm… the guy who was supposed to be my yoga teacher while I think about a good title flew, but I’m ok with it, he was so annoying AHAHAH…
    “Hide and Seek In Scotland” is the only potential title I can think about. Hope you recover from this ‘writer block’!

  14. Late to the conversation but I am never good at titles…only one reason why I am not an author. But so looking forward to your next book. This little excerpt was a tease. Darcy can’t go after her so it is more or less at her will that they even are together for a conversation. Hope your muse has been attentive and whispering in your ear.

  15. Titles assume Darcy went north specifically to find Elizabeth:

    Pursuit and Persistence
    Resistance and Persistence
    Persistent Quest
    Darcy’s Commitment

    Although, frankly, I actually LIKE “A Matter of Honor”.

    • Hannah, your comment raised my guilt index enough that I actually finished the story, sent it off to the first set of beta readers, made corrections, and it’s now with the second set of editors. I’m guessing on an early September release, but if there aren’t a lot of edits, it could be sooner. We’ll see!

      Thanks for giving me the push I needed!

      • That’s wonderful news. I’ve been hoping it will be released for my holiday end of August but for your wonderful books I’ll happily wait.

  16. Arrogance and exile, exile amid ruins, highland exile, Bias and Banishment, Caledonian caprice, Scottish Vagary, North from Pemberley, Integrity and Illusions, Mr. Darcy’s Agony

    Maybe need a few chapters to decide what needs to be captured by the title, anytime you want to send a review copy my way I will gladly come up with names all day. 🙂

    Can’t wait to read this one!

  17. Hello! Could you do a current, complete list of the title changes of your existing books? I’d love to understand which ones are reissues of which titles. Thanks so much

    • Only my first 5 books were retitled when they were published by Sourcebooks. Here they are:
      Impulse & Intiative = To Conquer Mr. Darcy
      Pemberley by the Sea = The Man Who Loved Pride & Prejudice
      What Would Mr. Darcy Do = From Lambton to Longbourn
      Mr. Darcy’s Undoing = Without Reserve
      Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy: The Last Man in the World = The Last Man in the World
      Sorry about the confusion! I had no choice in the matter, unfortunately.

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