More Darcy magic! — 13 Comments

  1. Mr Darcy should have more faith in Miss Elizabeth. He I feel is going to be pleasantly surprised what poor this lady holds…. Sounds like a great read and it’s only the beginning.

  2. Guess Darcy needs to re-evaluate his assumptions and beliefs – now that Elizabeth has poked a hole in his basic ones.

    Can’t help but wonder what the story is between Elizabeth and Cerridwen.

  3. Oh. Well that was just grand! I like that they were both tenuous in each other’s motives but willing to “go along” none-the-less. I’m excited to see where this will go—as they attach themselves as friend/mentor for their own cross-purposes. Can’t wait for more.

  4. OK I have been waiting for this book and so far love it what will Elizabth do you ask…well after the battle in the last book

    .she might forgive……or not

  5. Ich bin gespannt. Es wird sicher nicht ganz so harmonisch, wenn Elisabeth aufwacht. Und dann ihr Falke, wie wird er mit Darcy weiter umgehen? Beim Nebel hat er ja geholfen, so dass ich denke, dass der Vogel seinen eigenen Plan verfolgt. 😉was ist mit den anderen? Wieviel Magie gibt es noch? Warum die Geheimhaltung? Was verbirgt Mr. Bennet . Spannend spannend. Ich warte auf mehr !!!!

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