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  1. I’m all a flutter that this is finally available in Audible!! Yay. I’m super curious to hear about Darcy and fossils. . . A twofer! Cannot wait.

  2. Darcy as a paleontologist is a definite possibility. I don’t see him as a rake or a member of the fast living crowd like many young men in his station and circumstances. If he were such , he’d not be a hero!

    • Oh, I adore this premise of Darcy as a naturalist. Very Darwin-like of him! And the two had other similarities, as Darwin married his first cousin and Darcy was pressured to — and DID in a few variations!

  3. Devoting themselves to any study of the sciences for men of that time was hobby, even though they made discoveries that led to published works or presentations to a scientific society. It didn’t pay the bills though. I’ve so often seen such men depicted in novels as frustrated and poor and trying to find a patron. I’ve also quite often seen them as old men neglecting their families for their hobby.

    Add the fact that paleontology was so controversial, I can see how Mr. Darcy Sr. would get really upset over Darcy’s interests. But if you are writing the Darcy we know and love, then I see him completely devotedly passionate about his studies and yet he will be torn between that passion and the honor due his family, especially his father.

    This sounds like a really interesting approach to a JAFF and a great story involving his living parents.

    I am so excited that The Price of Pride is available on audio. Hurray!

    • You’re spot on about Darcy being torn between his passion for his studies and his duty to his family. His studies didn’t pay the bills – in fact, it was what he spent his money on. He could afford to study his fossils because he had an allowance from his father, as most eldest sons would, but that’s another thorn of contention. A tricky situation!

  4. Wonderful words indeed in the reviews for a wonderful book! And a wonderful D that I can’t yet get out of my head !
    And you are already moving on… 🙂

    Loving the new pursuits for Darcy – totally credible, him being an avid reader, to want to push the knowledge out of library! As for the already outdoorsy Elizabeth… Just can’t wait to see their meeting!
    Maybe less anguish for D, this time? His father disapprouval notwithstanding… ;-p

    be safe !

    • Definitely less anguish! This is a low-angst story. Part of the reason I decided to write a novella this time was because I needed a break from all the angst in the last couple of books, a chance to get back to D&E banter and fun.

  5. Darcy most certainly could be wrapped up in the excitement of finding the unknown of fossilized remains. The adrenaline rush may have been even more intoxicating than consorting with women or drinking all night with friends. He most likely would have plenty of free time to “gallavant” across the countryside. And then to meet a young woman with similar interests may be mesmerizing to him. I think this will be a fun and eventful read.

  6. Paleontology? I don’t know. Maybe too ancient. And not very sexy in my opinion, but maybe I’ve watched too many episodes of Friends ^^

    But there is one story I can imagine very easily in the what-if scenario where Darcy’s parents (or father at least) are alive. I think he would be curious and studious, well-versed in Humanities, ancient greek and ancient latin. I picture him touring in Europe after graduating. And during his Grand Tour, he would grow a passion for the Pompei’s excavations that were very popular during Regency era. But it would take him far from England and far from Elizabeth. However, the Grand Tour in Europe was almost mandatory for a man of his rank after finishing Cambridge or Oxford. So maybe Elizabeth could travel with the Gardiners (let’s say for Mr. Gardiner’s business). Damn, now I want to read a love story of ODC on Costa Amalfitana…. <3

    • Sounds like fun! Unfortunately, Grand Tours were on hiatus during the Napoleonic Wars, since touring a continent at war with Britain was impossible. But somewhere in my file of ideas for a possible books is one where Darcy and Elizabeth meet up in Naples during the brief lapse in hostilities before the Treaty of Paris, and then get caught up in the start of the Neapolitan War.

  7. Paleontology could be an interesting hobby/interest for Darcy. It would give him something to work on and even travel to ancient places to explore more.

  8. I love this idea! Darcy without the angst of early responsibilities. He would still be shy, still driven in part by duty and family pride, but perhaps not clinging to them so tenaciously. Having a loving mother alive must have helped his emotional development. I love the idea of his throwing himself into a passion like paleontology. It would be interesting to see how he reconciles those tensions between science and faith. Oh boy, this makes me want to write some scenes of my own!

  9. Wow!!! So many news!!!! I think it’s so interesting to know about Darcy with another story! And I think the fact that his parents were in love is very important when he would have to make a decision about Elizabeth and marriage. And I totally imagine him like a very scientific fellow!!!

  10. Both on the run from persecution and possibly prosecution, I believe that Darcy and Elizabeth would have met on the Laconia.

  11. I think Darcy as a palentologist would be fascinating. What they were doing when that field began was really interesting – and just imagine being there when people started to realize there was proof of the age of the earth. I think people really underestimate how much of a world view changer and shocking this was back then.

  12. I think this would be very interesting. I always find your stories so interesting and I am sure this variation would also be fascinating to read.

  13. I could definitely see Darcy as a studious person so paleontology is not very far off from my imagination. But it is interesting to learn that he could be thrown to jail for his hobby. I wish to know more of this subject since I know very little of it.

  14. That’s interesting hobby/occupation. As smart as he is, i can see him being one of those whose inquistive nature takes him to explore the truth of the earth’s age.

    Thank you for sharing about your new book and the chance to win an audiobook of the Price of Pride

  15. Oooh this is a very interesting premise! Really looking forward to seeing D&E in that environment. I never would have thought of paleontology but it very much fits with what we learn of their interests in P&P. Always love your writing so looking forward to eventually getting my hands on this and The Price of Pride!

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