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  1. Congratulations on your new book, We had been awaiting this release eversince your first post.

    Love angsty stories of ODC. Thank you for sharing those chapters and how the engagement came to be. Thank you for the chance to win a copy

  2. I bought the eBook and am 30% through it—loving it so far! I am intrigued by Darcy’s hobby! I’d love a hard copy and eventually an audiobook!

  3. Dear Abigail, I was so looking forward to read your next book! Thank you!

    I wish you and your family a merry Christmas.

    Valérie from France

  4. Congratulations on the release Abigail! I read the chapters you posted and feel so, so sorry for both Darcy and Elizabeth! I really can’t see how this can be resolved so it’s lucky I’m not the one writing 😉.
    I will definitely be reading this but have to brace myself to deal with the angst 😱.
    Good luck with it 🥰

    • Thanks for being willing to dare it when angst really isn’t your cup of tea, Glynis. My advice is to be sure to have a good chunk of time when you start reading it because the heaviest angst is at the beginning, so that way you can blast through until you get to where it eases up a little. For me it’s the worst when I have to put down a book in the middle of the angst.

  5. OMG I love your books Abigail! I’ve been reading you for a long time and is amazing that this year ends in this way. I read the chapters that you publish in here and I’m quite thrilled with this story and the abolition theme that you put. As you said on the facebook group there’s ways to add modern topics on regency books. I love a little angst so I’m quite happy with the story and Drew! But suspicious hahaha

    • Drew’s a good fellow, really! I really enjoyed bringing in the subject of abolitionism. Learning more about it made me understand the Regency in a new way, different from the movies we see, and richer, I think. I hope you’ll like this one!

  6. How can this ever work out for Elizabeth and Darcy? What agony for the two of them. What are the secrets? I am loaded with questions . Thank you for the giveaway as this would be wonderful to read over the holidays. I have truly loved all of your books. Stay well and write!

    • Thanks! I’ll tell you this much: it was really, really hard to find a way for this to work out for Elizabeth and Darcy without either killing Drew or sacrificing Georgiana’s future because of Fitzwilliam Darcy’s scandal. I almost didn’t finish it because of that, but I did eventually figure it out. Whew! Not easy, though.

  7. Congratulations on another successful book! I absolutely loved it and I’m honoured for your mention! No need to enter me into the giveaway, as I already own the brook version. I had to change my top 10 list for 2020 favourites so I could add this one! All the best to you!

    • Thank you so much, Marie, both for the praise and for reviewing, which is a great gift to an author! Because this released so late in the year, I don’t have much hope for making it onto any 2020 favorites list, but that’s okay. The important thing is having readers like it!

  8. Congratulations on the new novel! I love your variations, though I’m a bit concerned about the angst level on this one. But I’m looking forward to jumping in.

    • Thanks! I understand your reservations; this book is probably angstier than I prefer in my reading. My advice for angst-haters is to make sure to have a chunk of time when you start reading so you can get past the bad angst in the beginning before you have to put it down. It gets easier as the story goes on.

  9. I’d love to read this one. I’m really intrigued by reports of the banana plant, and I love angst and family loyalties.

  10. Whew!

    Didn’t really think I’d see the book before the end of the year! Thank you for the surprise!

    Bought it and read it ! Only one tissue box was needed, luckily I had been warned 🙂

    Can’t really say anything for fear of spoiling, but that was a smart way out for D&E to have their deserved HEA!
    And glutton for punishment that I am, I kept reading (three times in a row) and kept crying (although you’d think that after the first two readings….) from the ‘reunion’ in London 🙂

    And if I may complain (as usually): said part could have been waaaaaay longer (*wink*)

    Happy Christmas, dear Abigail!

    • So glad you liked my ‘way out’! My critique group will be amused to hear your complaint, as the original end of the book (after they leave Bath) was substantially shorter, but my critique partners said that I needed to give my readers more of a pay-off in Darcy/Lizzy time after raking them over the coals for so long. Guess it wasn’t a long enough payoff! But is it ever? 😉

      Happy Christmas to you!

  11. Dear Abigail, I’ve read books about ODC’s estrangement, betrothal to others, etc., but I’m amazed at the ingenious twists and turns you’ve taken with this plot, as well as including the issue of abolition, and yet you still found a way for a HEA. That takes great writing skill. Well done! I’d love to read and review it.

  12. Forgive you for writing an angsty book? Thank you, rather! I just finished rereading “Mr. Darcy: The Last Man in the World” for like the fifth time, and I love the angst. Mutual pining for the win!

    • (Do please include me in the drawing, as that is the best opportunity of my reading it, given that its not on Kindle Unlimited. Have you considered rotating which books are eligible? My library doesn’t have them, unfortunately.) Thanks for your excellent writing. “Last Man in the World” is my favorite Pride and Prejudice variation, and I’ve read over a hundred.

      • Anna, it will be available on KU in a month or two if all goes well. It’s a long story, but it was supposed to be on KU immediately, but something in the Amazon system got messed up, and by the time I discovered it had been published without KU, it was too late to change it. In the meantime, to make up for it, my book Conceit & Concealment, which has never before been on KU, will be there very soon.

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