A Matter of Honor, Chapter 3 — 5 Comments

  1. Typical Fitzwilliam, pushing in where he isn’t wanted! Sounds like the Colonel to me 😉.
    I love your description of Edinburgh, luckily it was better when I went but that was a year or two after Darcy 😂.
    At least he knows Elizabeth is there so now he merely has to speak to her, get her to fall in love with him, marry her and take her to Pemberley! So that’s the next chapter sorted! LOL!
    At least it’s not long now until release date.

  2. Geez, I wonder what Lizzy is doing there and under a different name? There is quite a mystery. Jasper wants to enjoy life a bit. Thank you for posting. This is quite a mystery.

    • Lots of mysteries here, and more to come! All these people disappearing to Scotland and taking false names. You’ll get some answers in the next chapter – and even more questions. 😉

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