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  1. Hmmm! I don’t suppose this is going to be as easy as Darcy thinks! But first, why does Darcy not have long to spend with his wife? I don’t suppose you’ll say but I’m hoping that they do marry and somehow their combined magic saves his life?

    • Easy? Why would I make it easy?? LOL! And let’s be real – I’m not going to let Darcy die young, no matter how insistent he is about refusing help. I’m even stubborner than he is!

  2. It’s so fantastic to have you back writing again. This, like Glynis suggests raises many questions. I’m in agreement that Darcy’s path to marriage may not be an easy one from either father or daughter. I suspect E will enable D to live a long and fruitful life in the long run and be a first class heroine with plenty of witty wisdoms to share.

  3. Nothing but excited anticipation here. Woo hoo! The excerpts are getting more and more teasing. You know what you’re doing. 😀

  4. I predict a long and happy life for them after a lot of misunderstandings and after Darcy gets completely undone by Elizabeth and probably Mr. Bennet. When did you say this was going to be ready???

      • Hannah and Sam, I’m so glad you’re still interested! I’m happy to say that after months of being stuck in a plotting morass, I’ve finally found my way out of it and the first book is essentially complete. I’m just filling in missing scenes now, and I’ve written a good chunk of Book 2 now because I want to be sure I can get that out fairly quickly after Book 1. But Book 1 will be a freestanding story on its own!

  5. Lots of unanswered questions to keep us begging for more and turning the page. I’m definitely looking forward to purchasing the whole when completed. Have a wonderful holiday season, stay healthy, and by all means keep writing!

  6. In addition, though, I’m still hoping to see Darcy & fossils at some point. Surely such a potentially delicious tale has not been lost to us ??

  7. Missing you and updates on the magical story but also the one with the paleontology inspired Darcy. I hope everything is well with you!!

  8. I just read spellbound at Pemberley,it is amazing, captivating, I just want to read the next one. ❤️❤️❤️
    The best afert the Fitzwilliam the last men in the world

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